Tiler Teller

PRESENTED BY  –  XIAN LU, XIAOLIANG SHEN   |    TIME – 2016 FALL  |   OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.tilerteller.com

Tiler Teller is an educational interactive toy that comes with digital books on tablets for kids to play with their parents.

While proceeding with the digital storybook, kids are encouraged to do different activities on the physical cube such as solving tangram puzzles and playing mini games rather than repeating simple screen taps.

As electronic devices do not promote language development in young children as well as books and traditional toys such as wooden puzzles, shape-sorters and blocks, they require less time and personal connection between parent and kids than electronic ones. Therefore, we mixed digital play and tangible toys together. By connecting the toy and the tablet with Arduino and Bluetooth, our game adds diverse ways of interaction to existing digital storybooks and gives traditional educational toys vivid images that attract kids’ attention.

Tiler Teller requires parents to directly interact by reading and playing with kids rather than allowing kids to entertain themselves with just a tablet. While reading our cute stories for children, parents are also helping them solve puzzles, learn numbers and practice color recognition abilities. With Tiler Teller, we offer sweet family times and personal connections to parents and children. We hope our game can increase the quantity and quality of language between parents and children.