ROLE – Artist, Designer, Project Manager         |        COLLABORATE WITH –  Dian Li            |           TIME – 2015

This project is an instant communication iOS app prototype that changes the communication interface (the colour of chat bubbles) when certain combinations of key words and emoticons are captured by this software’s back-end, or when the facial expression detection software built in the front-facing camera detects that the facial expression has changed.

This project is about re-imagining technology in a way that serves to bring people together, rather than apart. This project is about envisaging a pro-positive approach to developing an app as opposed to just mounting a reactive criticism as to how technology keeps us apart. In doing so, this project aims to combine existing applications to develop a project that seeks to allow individuals the ability to express themselves with more visceral emotion in the online and digital world.  The main goal of this project is to create a format that enables people to read other people’s emotions and provide a clearer interface where emotions can be sent and received in a clear and readable format.

The purpose of this project is to use technology as a way to enable individuals to interact and express feelings through a memetic interface that improves upon existing emotive icons and ways of textually communicating with others. As such, my idea is to design an interface that speaks to a much wider spectrum of human emotions, a kin to the move in technology from simply tube television to full HD. I think that the range of emotion that can be expressed currently is woefully inadequate and so my idea is to vastly expand the lexicon of emotional expression in virtual space. By utilizing existing technology—in particular facial recognition software and colour theory—my goal is to design an application/interface, which expands the emotional language of communicative expression. It is important to mention however that this idea is not exactly new, rather it builds upon technologies and computer interface applications readily available, so it is within the realm of possibility that such an application could be built within a reasonable amount of time and would not require extensive resources in order to do so. My ultimate goal is to develop an application that actively reads emotion in ways hitherto unrealized by existing communications technologies or social media applications.