Taoist On Fire

ROLE – Artist, Designer, Developer        |        COLLABORATE WITH –  Dian Li            |           TIME – 2014

Inspired by the classic Bomberman game, this is a 1 V 1 3D Unity Game Prototype. 

Game rules:

– 2 Players. (Green sphere stands for player 1, Purple sphere stands for player 2)

– Player 1 uses W, A, S, D keys to control the sphere; Player 2 uses arrow keys to control the sphere

– 3 Minutes (the blue bar on the top of the map indicates the time)

– The player who catches more zombies and does not die in the 3 minutes is the winner.

– When touched by a zombie or burst by a firecracker, the player loses the game.

– Players put firecrackers on the ground to burst zombies, when the zombie dies it will become a hat, the player who picks up the hat catches this zombie.   Players cannot place another firecracker if the previous one has not exploded yet.

– When the players burst the graves on the ground, 3 different awards might come out

*A horse (will increase player’s speed after picking up)

*A gold bottle (will increase the firecracker’s strength after picking up)

*A barrel (will increase the quantity of the firecrackers that a player can place);

– Zombies will randomly appear on the map after 1 minutes of the game.