Loopy Logic: Learning Binary

ROLE – Artist, Designer        |        COLLABORATE WITH –  Christine McGlade            |           TIME – 2014

Learning Binary is an iOS APP game that is produced by Analytical Engine Interactive Inc. It is a simple math and patterning game for children ages 5-7. By turning on the requested number of lights on cards displayed in the game, children will start to develop a mental model for binary (or base 2) counting and how it relates to the normal base 10 counting model.

I was responsible for all the game assets design expect the character named “Loopy”. The game consists of 3 levels. Each level features 4 cards with 1, 2, 4, and 8 lightbulbs on them. The player is challenged to choose which card or combination of cards adds up to the challenge number presented by the game.

Level 1 will introduce the player to the concept of binary by challenging them to choose only one card at a time. Level 2 introduces combinations of cards, so both counting and adding is required from the player. Level 3 allows the player to practice what they have learned.

Care has been taken to ensure that the player does not need to know how to read to play the game, and there is a short tutorial and a friendly character named “Loopy” who gives encouraging prompts to help the player along.

The game is available on iTunes for iPad Users: Download Learning Binary