A Good Chef is Hard to Be

ROLE – Game Designer, Artist       |       COLLABORATE WITH –  Xian Lu      |         TIME – 2016

A Good Chef is Hard to Be is a highly strategic, number comparing card game. Players play as undergraduate chefs who are fighting for more trophies – game tokens. Each player wears a headband, inserts a sauce – a game card in the band. That means players can see others’ cards except for hers. Flip one food card facing to all players; there will be a required sauce level – a number listed on the card. Players use tokens to bid, function cards such as add sauce levels can be applied to the player herself or other players during the bid. At the end, whose sauce number is closer to the required number wins all bidden tokens. This game gives player a fun experience, also put them into an inferential competition. Chef is designed for people who love food, funny moments in life, talking and having fun with friends.

We are a team of 2 graduate students studying interactive media and game design in University of Southern California. We met each other one year ago at the beginning of our graduate program started. Both being passionate about game design and appreciating simple yet entertaining design, we wanted to create our own “game for fun” for friends and family. Although we have classes everyday together, we were both very busy during day time. Online meeting in the nights were our main working mode. A work session together every week, hundreds hours of online discussing, numerous revisions and prototypes, finally we finished this game after one semester.