who am I

Hello World! My name is Xiaoliang, you can call me Xiao (same pronunciation as Shall). I am a second year MFA candidate in the Interactive Media and Games Program at University of Southern California.I have a lot of weird thoughts in my mind that I want to share with people, and also I have many strange questions that I hope people can help me to answer. Therefore, I am keen on interactive storytelling – a bidirectional communication between me and my audiences. Designing games/interactive experiences is a good way for me to communicate with the world, to know more people and their thoughts, to share my understanding of different things and to let people help me understand myself.

I spent first 18 years of my life in China, then I moved to Canada for 4-year undergraduate studies and now I am living in Los Angeles for graduate school. I think life is short, therefore, I like to try new things, go to different places and meet as many people as I can in my finite lifetime. I will stick to the things I like and continue exploring new things!

  • Name


      My name is Shen XiaoLiang, the acronym for that is SXL. For me SXL means: in this Small world, I always have X-Large dreams.

    • Eccentricity


        Red is the best. Say no to watermelons. Named all my cacti 阿凶 which means fierce. Want a FedEx delivery car.

      • Recent


          Recent Key Words: Theis Year, Year of Fate, Bradbury Stories, Skam, A World Underwater, Eggy, Hue and Saturation.