Super TicTacToe

ROLE – Artist, Designer, Developer        |        COLLABORATE WITH –  Dian Li            |           TIME – 2014

81 cells + 9 grids = 1 super Tic-Tac-Toe game!  =>

This is an 1 VS 1 local web-based advanced TicTacToe game, the game consists of 9 Tic-Tac-Toe grids and each grid consists 9 cells. The goal is to get three grids in a row. First player to get three-cells-in-a-row on a grid, occupies that grid. Your move decides the grid of your opponent’s next move. For example, when you make a move to claim the center cell on any given grid, your opponent’s next move must be on the center grid. When you get sent to a grid that is already occupied, you can pick any other grid to make your move. When a board ends up in a tie, the board belongs to nobody.

I was the producer of this project. Inspired by Miyazaki Hayao’ s animation Spirited Away, I created all the cartoon graphics of this site using photoshop. The website was made by using HTML and CSS, and the game was coded in JavaScript. Also I have created a sticky-notes stop motion animation to explain the game rules in a visual way.